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The Masterbuilder

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Publisher: The Masterbuilder
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Conceived and first published in 1996 by K. P. Pradeep, The Masterbuilder is India’s most widely read and referred construction magazine that serves over 54,000 key decision making professionals in the Indian construction industry. It has always been the constant endeavor of the team at The Masterbuilder, to provide readers with the most comprehensive and up to date information about the ever-evolving US$ 5 trillion global construction industry.

Recognized by the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) as one of India’s best construction news magazine for the year 2010 The Masterbuilder has over the years played the role of a leading solution provider, particularly in the developing markets where high quality and reliable information is hard to reach. Headed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, we ensure that the publication delivers contemporary, lively, cutting edge articles and technical papers with specific and unparalleled relevance to the Indian civil engineering, contractor.